Iron Oxide

Labradorite Crescent Fringe Earrings


Long and luxurious, these fringe earrings are fit for a goddess!

Wear a pair of earrings that everyone will notice. Elegant and sleek, these chain earrings feature a cascade of dotted gunmetal fringe hanging below a hand-hammered sterling silver crescent. They are a really versatile style and look fantastic with short and long hairstyles.

The fringe hangs down about four inches from the hook and is embellished with three teeny tiny (4mm) drops of labradorite gemstone. Labradorite has a natural flash that catches the light will shine out like glitter from your hair when they catch the light. Get ready to feel like royalty, dripping in gems.

These chandelier earrings are more lightweight than they look and sensitive hooks can be replaced upon request!

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