Iron Oxide

Constellation Hair Pin


Wear an array of stars in your hair with the Constellation Hair Pin. This hair accessory adds a little sparkle to your look with a few stars clustered together!

Effortlessly step up your bun with a hair stick and instantly look more polished and put together. A hair pin is the perfect way to create a beautiful hairstyle with minimal effort/time.

Sturdy and well made, these pins are solid cast brass and will last a lifetime, heirloom quality. The finish has an organic look with little imperfections giving it the character of an an ancient piece of jewelry unearthed from the past. Brass will form a natural patina over time as exposed to air and water, but each piece is shipped with a polishing cloth so you can shine it up as desired.

The hair pin measure just under 3.5" in length and 1.5 at the widest point. This hairpin is best suited for a half updo or thinner/shorter hair since it's a little smaller.

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