Iron Oxide

Milky Way Teardrop Ring


Sometimes considering our place in the universe is oddly comforting. Looking to the skies is a fast way to put everything in perspective. Surrounded by stars and dots of light, this ring is a perfect fit for someone who belongs to the cosmos and appreciates that we are made of starstuff.

The design of the Milky Way ring is a mix of understated celestial glamour and art nouveau femininity. This ring features a captivating opal centerpiece held by a sturdy prong setting, nestled between twin stars. The opal is 8mm x 5mm and is a natural gemstone ethically sourced from a reliable vendor. 

More info:

Please choose your size carefully as each ring is made to order by hand! If you need help with sizing take a look at our sizing chart HERE

The piece is available in a bronze that mimics a lovely gold tone. Read more about using bronze as a sustainable alternative to gold HERE

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