Iron Oxide

Polaris Ring


Through everything, we can always rely on the North Star to help us find our own path. Wear this dainty ring as a tribute to your inner compass and a symbol of your own cosmic knowing.

Centered on this little star ring is an 8-pointed, nautical silver star, and it's tiny! The star measures only about 15mm in diameter and is dotted with a teeny opal center. This tiny star ring adds a subtle spark of magic to the hands of each wearer. 

The opal is like it's own tiny universe! Glittery and gorgeous, this sustainable, lab-grown opal is 4mm in diameter and is has a pale blue cast with moments of iridescent pinks and greens. The celestial motif makes this a timeless piece of jewelry that you will treasure for years to come. 

More Info:

Please choose your size carefully as each ring is made to order by hand! If you need help with sizing take a look at our sizing chart HERE

Curious about what makes Iron Oxide “sustainable jewlery?” Learn more about lab-grown and synthetic opals and why they are a more sustainable alternative to natural gemstones HERE

The piece is available in bronze that mimics a lovely gold tone. Read more about using bronze as a sustainable alternative to gold HERE


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