Iron Oxide

Smokey Quartz Prism Lariat Necklace

$65 $92
Beautifully dark details are what make this piece so special. A double terminated (meaning pointed on both ends) piece of Smokey Quartz is enclosed in a prism of gunmetal chain with a dangling Smokey quartz suspended below.

This necklace is a great statement piece, combining geometric chain detail with a gorgeous natural stone centerpiece. This nickel and lead free gunmetal chain is an oxidized silver color, so it has been treated to look darker.

Adjustable 15-18" chain.
Smokey Quartz is roughly 1" long.
Prism detail is approximately 5" long and 4"wide.
Smokey Herkimer Diamond hangs approximately 2.5" below the prism detail.

Please note, every crystal is unique and from the earth. Yours won't be exactly like the one pictured but will look very similar.

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