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Iron Oxide

Moonstone Window Necklace

Moonstone Window Necklace

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Look through a window into another realm. There are lots of ideas in folklore about the ability to see beyond the mundane and into the magical when looking through a tool like a looking glass, adder stone or a hag stone. This moonstone window can be your own personal portal to the fantastic. 

This tiny moonstone choker is made from a flashy rectangle of moonstone set in a bezel frame on a dotted, aged silver tone chain. The window pane shape is less than a centimeter in length and wears as a little point of light on the throat. The moonstone is high quality with a beautiful iridescent blue flash.

These moonstone chokers make excellent gifts and go with just about everything! This style can be worn on its own or layered up with some of our other offerings. 

The moonstone rests on a lead and nickel free gunmetal with an aged silver finish. The chain is an adjustable 16 - 18 inches in length, but we are able to make any of the necklaces at a longer length, just ask!

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