Custom Jewelry Design Guide

Meet Amy

Beyond my regular jewelry collection of sun moon and star jewelry I am also a custom jewelry designer. Creating custom jewelry is some of the work I am most passionate about! 

You probably have a lot of questions about bringing your custom idea to life and I am so excited to chat with you! I take this work really seriously and I know how meaningful jewelry can be, especially when we're working with heirloom pieces. To get started, please know that I am here every step of the way. If you have questions about design ideas, Inspo, timeline, I'm here to help!

Why Work With Me

If you want to create a piece of beautiful & unique jewelry with a bit of magic, then I might be a great fit for you! Getting something custom made is all about communicating visual ideas, and I totally understand that it can be difficult. Together we talk through ideas and look through photos so we can figure out exactly what you're going for. Once I get a general idea of what you're looking for I also ask my clients to take a visual style quiz at the start of each custom project so I can have a clear idea of the aesthetic you want. Bold or dainty? Rustic or polished? We go through it all together so it turns out just right! I always send sketches of the design and photos of the process along the way to be sure you love what we are making and there are no surprises!


Custom Jewelry Design Pricing

Basic custom projects start at $350.

Choice of gemstones, metal, complexity of the design, size and number of stones are all factors that we can adjust to stay within your budget. Since there are a lot of unknowns in a custom project, I usually quote a ballpark (eg. $800 - $900) and stay within that range.

In 2022, my average custom project was around $700 and custom bridal jewelry was in the ballpark of $1500 on average.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does custom jewelry take?

Usually about 3 months start to finish

Can we use stones I already have?

Absolutely! We can pop stones out of vintage rings and even melt the metal down to use for your project as well.

What is an 'ethical gemstone?'

I work with some incredible fair trade suppliers who care a lot about the entire process from mining to cutting. We can even use a lab grown stones (chemically identical to ones found in nature, but with no mining)

Can you recreate this piece I found on Pinterest?

Pinterest is an incredible visual tool and I would love to look at your favorites from your inspo photos and create something new that ties into your personal story. I can't make a copy of an exact piece made by someone else.


What to Expect


If you like the style of my other jewelry, we will probably be a good fit for each other! Working with someone who's style you vibe with is key. Come with photos and examples of what you are looking for. I can help too, but a visual starting point is great!


We will talk through your budget together and I will quote you an estimate. When you're ready you will pay a 50% deposit to get you on my books!


I'll draw some sketches of what your piece will look like and give you the chance to make any changes. I'll send you photos and updates along the way so you can see the process.

Once the final piece is complete I'll send you photos of the finished product and the final invoice. Then I'll ship off your piece to you for you to love and cherish forever!



"Amy had the ability to take my (totally awful and napkin-drawn) chicken scratch sketches and turn them into amazing pieces of jewelry.

 At every step, she was responsive, understanding, and genuinely interested in helping me create the work that I was imagining. The final piece that was truly stunning. I can not express enough how glad I am I chose Amy."

 -Sam F.

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