Most of my rings are one of a kinds and cannot be sized down, but can sometimes be sized up a size or two. Please carefully measure your size before you purchase. Click here for a simple way to size your own fingers if you don't know your exact size.

Each Iron Oxide piece is coated with a clear, jewelers wax that protects it from the elements, but eventually this will wear off over time. To give your jewelry the longest lifespan, avoid swimming, showering, tanning in it. Avoid contact with any liquid, hairspray, etc. 

Brass and silver jewelry will develop a patina when exposed to air and water. This is normal! Some people like the 'aged' look but if you prefer to keep things shiny you can purchase a polishing cloth like one of these and gently shine it back up! 

It's always the pieces that are loved the most that get broken. Jewelry repair is a service I typically offer free of charge, just send it to me! Send me your piece and $5 for the return shipping and I can usually fix it right up for you. If a piece is really damaged, send me a photo and I can assess the issue and see how much the replacement of the parts are. I want you to love your pieces and am alway happy to help! 

At this time I am no longer accepting custom orders, but I am always able to add some extra length to a necklace, substitute sensitive ear hooks, and even make small changes to an existing design. Just email me at or use the chat function at the bottom righthand side of this page.