It's easy, really.

It's easy, really.

The best and most reliable way to figure out your ring size is to get professionally sized at a jewelry counter. You can find them in the mall, even at some grocery stores. They will find your ring size for free.

But what if you're trying to keep it a secret?

You don't need a crystal ball to find out your partner's ring size - There are a lot of at home methods for finding your ring size. Whether you shopping for celestial rings for yourself or a sustainable engagement ring for someone else here are a few ways to find someone's ring size:

Order a ring sizer - 

A good way to be pretty sure of their ring size is to order a handy, reusable ring sizer, like this one for $3 HERE

If you are trying to find someone's ring size without them knowing, you can slip this sizer on their finger while they are sleeping!

Go shopping together - 

If you're out shopping or at a craft fair, browse around and try on some jewelry together so you can learn their ring size, (bonus, learn some of their preferences about what kind of metal they like to wear, what type of stones etc!)

Work with what you've already got - 

Peek through their jewelry, is there a ring that they already wear sometimes on their ring finger (traditionally on the left hand)? If so, borrow that ring! You can print the image below and try to match it up or better yet, bring it to a jewelry counter in the mall and they will size it for free.

Print at home method -

Click the chart below to open it in another window, right click to save to your desktop and then print it (don't change any of the scaling.) It should print at the correct size and there is a way to double check that it's printed to scale with a ruler. After you print, follow the directions on the chart, remember you need to see the entire black circle inside the ring!

Just talk about it together - 

Many couples talk about some or all of the engagement process and I personally am in favor of it. A big portion of my custom design work is people who are redesigning their engagement rings because they never really liked the original design!  

These days not everyone wants a diamond. Diamond alternatives like moissanite, other more sustainably mined gemstones or American mined gemstones, and lab grown gemstones are growing in popularity for more ethical engagement rings.


Iron Oxide rings - 

When I help someone figure their size out I encourage them to get professionally sized! I offer sizing in half and even quarter sizes. When in doubt, err on the smaller size. It is easy (and fast) for me to make a ring a tiny bit larger if it turns out to be a little too tight. If a ring is too large though, I have to start over and remake the whole piece and it will take longer for you to get your new jewelry!

Now that you've got the size - shop the collection of Iron Oxide celestial rings or if you're thinking of creating something really special, check out my custom jewelry design work from last year.
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