Behind the Scenes!

Iron Oxide Halo Stacking Ring

I challenged myself with this collection by creating some of the smallest, most delicate designs and setting some of the tiniestĀ stones I've ever worked with. (I definitely broke a few šŸ˜­) I'm really proud of the level of detail in this collection. Ā 

Each piece starts as a wax mold that I hand carve. From there my caster in Portland makes a mold and casts the pieces in bronze and sterling silver. This is the hardest part, waiting to get the pieces back and see how they turn out when they are made of metal! When I get them back, I clean up the pieces, sand, buff and polish each one by hand.

Then comes the best moment - setting the stone! I swooned.

Ā Living up in the middle of nowhere during a pandemic, we had to use what we have to create the lookbook. We hiked upĀ to a cliff near our house; myĀ partner Joe helped shoot the photos, and I modeled! I miss the creative collaboration of working with models and photographers in Portland, but it is rewarding to have a finished project that I had a hand in each step of the process. I sort of feel like I churned my own butter and baked my own bread hereĀ and I could not be more excited to share it with you.Ā 

The Halo StackingĀ Ring and the rest of the collection will be available 9/25/2020!