Iron Oxide Solitude Collection Woman Under the MoonThis year, I moved back to a desert. My new home is steps from the Columbia river. It's enveloped by the powerful, bitter aroma of the twisted sagebrush, dashes of wildflowers and intense, unrelenting heat. In the era of social distancing, I felt myself become even more distant. Pulled towards the desolate hills of this landscape, I embraced rural life and went inward. Iron Oxide Solitude Collection Polaris Star Ring set with Lab Grown Opal on a rocky terrain

Days cooled and darkened, giving a front row seat to the night sky. The constellations gradually moved over the months of summer into fall. The darker the sky got, the more stars became visible. 

This collection is what I found away from the city lights, out here in the dark.
Iron Oxide Solitude Collection hand wearing three opal rings reaching towards the horizon
The Solitude collection explores silence and seclusion while also expanding on some signature Iron Oxide themes. Delicate pieces featuring emblems of the cosmos combined with gorgeous stone are explored in detailed devotion with notes of etherial femininity. Each piece tells its own story, drawing down the power and charm of the stars to the body of the wearer. 

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Iron Oxide Solitude Collection Hand Holding the Halo Stacking Ethical Engagement and Wedding Ring Set
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