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Iron Oxide

Star Stuff Necklace

Star Stuff Necklace

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The terrestrial and celestial collide in this stellar necklace where crystals meet the stars. Together, these elements produce a tiny jewelry replica symbolizing the Big Bang. Wear this necklace as a small reminder that, in the immortal words of Carl Sagan, everything on our planet and our bodies is "made of star stuff."

Each piece is constructed from a half star shape, cast by hand here in Portland, OR.  The star shape is then cut to be perfectly nested around the crystal it cradles.  From the tip of the star to the crystal is ~3/4 of an inch long and wide. This star necklace feels very light and dainty because of how skinny the star points are and the clarity of the crystal. 

Each raw clear crystal is double terminated (pointed on both sides) and around a centimeter in length and skinny. The crystal you receive will look very similar but not identical to the one pictured as each crystal is unique!

This starry necklace is set on a sterling silver chain that measures an adjustable 16-18 inches, longer chain available on request!


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