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Iron Oxide

Fantasy Opal Crescent Necklace - One of a Kind

Fantasy Opal Crescent Necklace - One of a Kind

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The very first phase of the new moon when all we can see is a tiny arc of light is a very special time. The new moon has traditionally been thought of as a time to regenerate, begin again, set intentions and cultivate hope. Carry a skinny sliver of moonlight with you every day with this beautiful celestial necklace as a reminder that we can always start something new. 

This crescent moon necklace measures an inch across and studded with three tiny lab. grown opal in a fantasy pink color. The stones range from 3 to 4mm in diameter, grouped in a small arc. 

The crescent shape is sterling silver on a sterling silverchain, adjustable 16-18" in length, but can always be made longer upon request. 


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