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Iron Oxide

Four Point Star Earrings - Choose your stone

Four Point Star Earrings - Choose your stone

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These earrings are an ode to my favorite and most used emoji, the twinkle stars ✨

Dainty, teeny-tiny four point star earrings each hold a sparkly stone of your choice in the center of the earring. The four small prongs hold a 4mm customizable stone. 

At just about a centimeter in length, they are some of the most dainty earrings I've ever made! The twinkle earrings hang down from a hook so you get a little movement from them during wear. 

The opal measures 4mm in diameter. These little star earrings are made from a gold tone bronze.

Sensitive Hooks upon request, just send me a message!

More Info: 

Curious about what makes Iron Oxide “sustainable jewelry?” Learn more about lab-grown and synthetic opals and why they are a more eco-friendly alternative to natural gemstones HERE

Iron Oxide earrings are made with bronze that mimics a lovely gold tone. Read more about using bronze as a sustainable alternative to gold HERE

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