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Iron Oxide

Gold Hairstick Hairpin, Modern Celestial Hair Accessory - Gem Set with Your Stone of Choice

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A hair pick fit for a goddess! This piece is designed with a curved edge to evoke the image of a sunrise (or a half moon, depending on how you look at it!)

Effortlessly step up your bun with a hair stick and instantly look more polished and put together. A hair pin is the perfect way to create a beautiful hairstyle with minimal effort/time.

Sturdy and well made, these pins are solid cast brass and will last a lifetime, heirloom quality. The finish has an organic look with little imperfections giving it the character of an an ancient piece of jewelry unearthed from the past. Brass will form a natural patina over time as exposed to air and water, but each piece is shipped with a polishing cloth so you can shine it up as desired.

Choose which gemstone you'd like to set with for a custom piece of jewelry that you will treasure .

They measure 4" in length and 1.25 at the widest point. Gemstones are 5mm across.