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Iron Oxide

Morning Star Necklace

Morning Star Necklace

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Often confused for a star, Venus appears in the sky in the early morning and evening depending on the time of year.  It’s beam of bright, steady light  has captivated many at dusk and dawn. 

Astrologically speaking, Venus is associated with the principles of beauty, love, pleasure, romance and sex. Wear a token of tribute to the goddess with this delicate necklace symbolising the brightest ‘star’ we see at night.

This elegant, celestial necklace shines out like a little point of starlight. Framed in a 4-pointed star is a lovely, teardrop shaped opal measuring 7mm x 5mm. This is a lab grown opal that is generally white in color with a blue tint and glittery flashes of iridescent greens, blues and pinks.

Choose between sterling silver or gold tone bronze. This dainty necklace is about 15mm in diameter and rests on a fine gold filled or sterling silver chain at an adjustable 16 - 18inches. As always, longer chain is available upon request for no extra charge, just let me know what you need! 

More Info:

Curious about what makes Iron Oxide “sustainable jewelry?” Learn more about lab-grown and synthetic opals and why they are a more eco-friendly alternative to natural gemstones HERE

Like natural opals, lab grown opals are all different! Your stones will look very similar to the ones pictured but won’t be exactly the same.

The piece is made with bronze that mimics a lovely gold tone. Read more about using bronze as a sustainable alternative to gold HERE

Make it a classic set - find the corresponding Morning Star Earrings HERE 

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