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Stellar Lariat Necklace - New Style

Stellar Lariat Necklace - New Style

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Captivate the world with your forward motion, allowing the stars to guide your path as you shine brightly, just like the shooting stars that streak across the infinite night sky.

Meet the Stellar Lariat Necklace, a captivating piece of jewelry that embodies the essence of shooting stars and propels you forward with celestial elegance. This dainty star necklace features a delicate tiny star pendant and a shimmering Herkimer diamond, uniting to create a stunning symbol of celestial motion and radiant beauty.

The tiny star pendant, meticulously crafted with intricate details, captures the essence of the cosmic wanderer and serves as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

Adorning the necklace is a mesmerizing Herkimer diamond, known as the "stone of attunement." Its brilliant clarity and natural facets reflect the celestial light, infusing the wearer with a sense of forward momentum and divine guidance. Just as a shooting star streaks through the heavens.

The design of the Stellar Lariat Necklace is both delicate and versatile. Its lariat style adds a touch of sophistication, allowing you to customize the length to suit your style and preference. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces, this stunning jewelry piece effortlessly enhances any outfit, leaving a trail of celestial charm in your wake.

Choose between gold tone bronze or sterling silver for your finish. The chain and components of the bronze necklace are all gold fill and lead and nickel free. The chain is adjustable between 16-18 inches but longer chain lengths are always available at no extra cost, just message me with your order!


The piece is available in bronze that mimics a lovely gold tone. Read more about using bronze as a sustainable alternative to gold HERE

Bronze is a lead and nickel free alloy that contains copper. Copper sometimes causes a harmless green mark on skin because of the metal coming in contact with your sweat. It’s different for everyone based on the pH level of your skin, the humidity where you live, and how often you are getting your ring wet. I use a polishing compound and a museum quality wax to seal my pieces to prevent oxidization from happening but it will need a quick polish from time to time. 

With each purchase I include a polishing pad and care instructions for taking the best care of your new piece.

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