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Iron Oxide

Salt and Pepper Tiny Quartz Necklace

Salt and Pepper Tiny Quartz Necklace

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This miniature crystal necklace is one of my bestsellers that I release from time to time. Perfect for someone who wants to wear a crystal necklace but with a more minimalist vibe. Subtle and charming, this mini crystal necklace is just the right size for adding a little dark crystal magic to your look. 

This necklace features the teensiest quartz pieces with dark inclusions. Most of them have a salt and pepper look, not fully black like a true smoky quartz. Each raw crystal is double terminated (pointed on both sides) and around a centimeter in length and skinny. The crystal you receive will look very similar but not identical to the one pictured. Each crystal is unique! 

The necklace is on an adjustable 16-18" dotted gunmetal chain, longer chain available on request! 

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