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Iron Oxide Designs

Oregon Sunstone Hex Ring

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This STUNNING handcrafted ring features an Oregon sunstone from Central Oregon. This pink peach gem absolutely shimmers in the sun due to tiny bits of copper inclusions called 'schiller.' Each hexagonal shaped stone has carefully selected to include lots of this peachy pink champagne color and gorgeous subtle sparkle. 

The stone measures 8x6mm in size and is faceted. The stone you receive will look really similar to the one in the photo, but each stone is unique! In the notes section of your order let me know your preference of color:

Cranberry - darker, rich red

Peach - classic pink/peach Sunstone color

Champagne - lighter, shimmering pale gold

The ring is set in a claw setting of gold tone bronze or sterling silver. It also stacks beautifully with this style

Please choose your size carefully as each ring is made to order by hand! If you need help with sizing take a look at our sizing chart HERE

The piece is available in bronze that mimics a lovely gold tone. Read more about using bronze as a sustainable alternative to gold HERE

Bronze is a lead and nickel free alloy that contains copper. Copper sometimes causes a harmless green mark on skin because of the metal coming in contact with your sweat. It’s different for everyone based on the pH level of your skin, the humidity where you live, and how often you are getting your ring wet. I use a polishing compound and a museum quality wax to seal my pieces to prevent oxidization from happening but you can also paint the inside of your ring with a clear nail polish to keep it nice. 

With each purchase I include a polishing pad and care instructions for taking the best care of your new piece.